Steren 4x8 Multi-Switch for Shaw Direct

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  • Phase III Compatible Satellite Shaw Direct and DirecTV HDTV 40-2300 MHz Sky Switcher Digital Satellite Multiswitch Distribution 8-Way Video Distribution Multiswitch
  • 22 kHz tone-controlled dual control multi-receiver suitable for DSS, c-band, or ku-band dish installations. Connects up to 4 satellite LNB inputs to 8 satellite receivers.


Frequency Range: 950-2300 MHz
Noise Figure: 4.8 dB min
Cross Polar Isolation: 40 dB min
LNB to LNB Isolation: 35 dB min
Rec. to Rec. Isolation: 40 dB min


LNB A 13 V/0 kHz
LNB A 17 V/0 kHz
LNB B 13 V/22 kHz
LNB B 17 V/22 kHz
Power Supply Input: 24 Vdc
Receiver Power Input: 13/17 Vdc